Who we are

TMECIG is the industry’s top professional electronic cigarette OEM/ODM manufacturers dedicated to providing one-stop service from designing, manufacturing to delivery anywhere in the world and customized for over 100 vaporizer brands.

We supply a wide range of top quality electronic cigarettes and accessories covering e cig starter kit, tanks, batteries, wax and dry herb vaporizer, RDA&mechanical mods and e cig relative accessories like DEMON KILLER wick&wire ,DIY tools & bags, herb grinders and acrylic display shelf etc.

Our professional sales team offer customer extremely fast responses and great service on standby 24/7. and offers the most fashionable, premium E cig products and the newest market news for customers. Also helped many customers to extend business and build their vaping brands.

Our high quality products and unbeatable prices make us THE PLACE for all your vaping supplies!!!

Meet our team

Peter Rao ,CEO

         Peter Rao, General Manager

Started e cigs business in 2012 and founded TMECIG in 2014 has helped many customers to extend business and build their vaping brands.

Shiling Huang

           Shiling Huang,Marketing Director

Fully experienced in electronic cigarettes industry and give customers the most feasible marketing suggestions .

TENMAX Sales Team

TMECIG professional sales team full of energy and offer customer extremely fast and very professional responses and great service on standby 24/7, Feel free to hit us up if you need anything.

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